Project Description

James Williams

Meet James Williams, our Assistant Foley Editor. Hailing from Westchester County, James has honed his skills in a variety of kitchens, and studios, a testament to his dedication, work ethic, and creativity

In late 2021, he discovered the world of foley, and it instantly captured his heart. Working as a Foley Sound Editor Assistant at Alchemy Post Sound, he has embraced the intricacies of sound design, combining creativity and precision to bring stories to life. He started his journey as an intern spending time in every room of Alchemy post learning every in and out of the recording process. Now he has the opportunity to use his home grown talents and continue to grow.

But James’s journey doesn’t stop there. He also remains deeply involved in music production and engineering, collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds and locations. The attention to detail required in music production has provided an excellent foundation for his work in foley sound editing. He sees parallels and connections between these two seemingly different worlds, which he finds both fascinating and enriching.

James’s Work