Our dedicated ADR studio is one of-a-kind in Westchester. Spacious and airy, the stage is both comfortable as well as acoustically pleasing. We use SourceConnect and Zoom to serve our remote clients.

If you want to record a few lines, a commercial voice over, a book for Audible or a full loop group session; Alchemy’s ADR stage is large and flexible enough to accommodate.

ADR technical specifications

Guidelines and Specifications for ADR Session

We will need the following:

  • Contact information for deliverables 
  • Names of above line talent directing the session 
  • SourceConnect information 
  • Names of the receiving ADR Engineer/ADR Supervisor 

*We recommend a test 1-2 hours before the session 

Turnover to Alchemy Post Sound

Please send turnover to 

  • Cue Sheets 
  • Video – 1920×1080 in the proper frame rate 
  • Special requests for the talent 


Pro Tools session and Audio files via WeTransfer or your ftp server 

ADR & VO Mics

Neumann U-87
Neumann KMR-81i
Neumann TLM-103
Sennheiser 416
Sennheiser MKE-2
Schoepps CMIT-5u
Shure SM-7b

Mic Pre-Amps

Millennia HV-3D Grace 801-R Earthworks ZDT 1024 

DAW & Converters

Pro Tools HD (10/11/12)
Apogee Symphony I/O Converter